Basil To Cure Acne

Many of us could have burning issue concerning natural medicines are mostly likely to be familiar with importance of basil health wise. Basil is actually a multipurpose herb which has been in use for many decades. Many consider it a holy tree in some parts of the world especially in India. Despite it being used by our ancestors to cure many diseases, basil has been discovered scientifically to have some imparting medicinal properties which are active to the herb. It is therefore prudent that we decipher if it can be used to cure acne.

What properties makes basil recommended for your skin? It has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are crucial for combating acne. Of course it has several other positive properties for your general health. One such importance is the enhancement of your immune system by eating fresh leaves from basil. It is important to note that internal functions of your body plays major role in acne and medical prescription to take specific vitamins to improve metabolism of oil in your skin is a testimony of how the effective plan is to target the root cause to growth of acne in your skin. Such measures can involve natural acne treatment means aimed at oil production in the body. Basil on the other hand can treat arthritis, depression, high blood pressure and eczema among other diseases.

Basil leaves extract and oil form the seeds of basil plant are anti-inflammatory in nature. They are known to contain linoleic type of acid that inhibits some processes of pro-inflammatory. Science reveals that sebum rather than linoleic acid encourages acne bacteria growth. Furthermore, the antimicrobial properties in basil are powerful and will destroy bacteria which cause acne and promote healing of acne lesions. Here are other helpful resources to know other acne cure.

Could there be any recipe or formula to using basil? It is evident that basil consumption aids your immune system. But, its effectiveness is realized more as a topical treatment to acne. The simplest medicinal use of basil for acne treatment is by application of basil tea on your skin surface. Add 2-3 teaspoons of mixed dried leaves with one cup of water and boil for 15 minutes before straining and cooling. When fresh basil juice is used, crush the leaves very well to extract its natural oils. By using a cotton ball, dab on your skin the tea. Observe the procedure twice a day and your facial complexion will change to smoother and brighter. Store the unused tea for a week in a refrigerator.
Another alternative method is to use steam from hot water that is mixed with basil leaves over your face. Do it for ten minutes for debris in skin pores to loosen for effective and deep cleansing and then splash cold water on your face to close skin pores which were opened earlier. You can also mask your face by a mixture of neem leaves and basil equally, and making a smooth paste through grinding. Evenly spread paste on your face while avoiding eye region and wash them off after around 15 minutes. Some individuals suggest that during summer it is good to rub fine basil powder on the face to control oil.

Those who are allergic to basil are advised against and really miss a lot on this wonder herb with unlimited importance, more specifically as a cure for acne. Why wait anymore? Give it a try and watch as your face radiates with beauty.

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